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Our Products:

We have spent years designing and refining our products, and we take a lot of pride in them. Take a look below to learn more about our products, and what makes them such a profitable investment.

M20 Trampoline Thing:

The M20 is our entry-level model, and is designed to be set up in one location and left there. It is perfect if it is meant to stay in one place, like a fun park or backyard.

M30 Trampoline Thing:

The M30 is a single unit like the M20, but mounted on a trailer to make moving from one location to another easy. It is quick to setup, and being mobile makes it perfect for the small business owner.

M40 Trampoline Thing:

The M40 is mobile, like the M30, but features two bungee systems, allowing two participants to jump at the same time. This doubles your profit potential, and makes it even more fun for many customers.

4-Way Bungee Trampoline Thing:

Our largest Trampoline Thing, the 4-Way Bungee can accomodate four jumpers at once. This is perfect for large events where you need as many setups as possible. Click to read more!


This is also a very popular product, and is a perfect companion for the M30. Mobile, quick to setup, and fun for people of all ages, the Shoot-n-Shower is perfect for a variety of events.