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M20 Business

M20/M25 - Business Profile

The Trampoline Thing™ requires at least one full time employee, but for optimal efficiency we always recommend two full time staff. One acts as Jumpmaster and the other is assistant. The Jumpmaster remains on the trampoline to give instruction to the jumper, ensuring proper operation and keeping track of the jumping time.

One of the most effective functions of the Jumpmaster is entertaining and pleasing the crowd, and giving the customers their money's worth by making sure they have a good, safe jumping experience.

Suggested Business Plan

  • Length of time per jumper:
  • Number of jumpers per hour:
  • Employees required:
  • Average time between jumpers:
  • Average admission per jumper:
  • Potential income per hour:

2-3 minutes
30 seconds

Income Potential

Hours/day $/day $/30-day $/60-day $/180-day
8 $1,216 $36,480 $72,960 $218,880
9 $1,368 $41,040 $82,080 $246,240
10 $1,520 $45,600 $91,200 $273,600

Earning success depends on booking worthwhile events and having good, competent operators.